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Our Story

Sailing Goat

Goats that sail are the stuff of legends and we thought the name perfectly sums up the playful spirit of this special place. Situated on the water’s edge at Point San Pablo Harbor, Sailing Goat is one part outdoor dining restaurant, one part bayside community that looks first to the waters around us for inspiration and nourishment. Our food reflects the creative spirit of coastal communities – American, Italian, French, and Spanish – as well as other fishing regions throughout the world.


A commitment to the spirit of the land’s history as restaurant and harbor is important to this place, which looks over the waters of San Francisco Bay towards the hills of Marin. Rugged individualism – self-reliance and resourcefulness – and heaping helpings of team spirit and an ethos of sustainability come together to create a welcoming refuge, a restaurant where good food meets good fun.


Though our setting is casual and a bit rustic, it blends easily with our commitment to locally sourced and wildly fresh ingredients. Fish and seafood are often purchased
directly from the harbor’s boats. Local beers are highlighted, and wines are sourced from seaside communities around the world. It all adds up to fresh, flavorful cuisine in a style that welcomes all.


We are ocean-friendly!

Head Chef

Ross Kaplan

Chef Ross Kaplan cooking in kitchen, sailing goat,

A native of the Washington, D.C. suburbs, head chef Ross Kaplan was always inspired by the abundant seafood along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and the Delmarva coastline and the region’s diverse food landscape and cultures. As a young chef at Danny Meyer’s Union Square Café, he developed a cooking philosophy around quality ingredients, exacting technique, and respect for the people eating his food. After years spent developing his style, he opened Bocanova in Oakland before joining Chef Arnon’s team. 

Hospitality Manager

Rosana Brito

image0 (4).jpeg

Rosana Brito, a vibrant force originally hailing from Brazil, has been an integral part of the Bay Area community since 1983. With a passion for promoting Brazilian culture, she blends music, dance, and food to create a rich tapestry of experiences.

Together with her husband, she embarked on a culinary journey, opening their first Brazilian restaurant, Porto Brasil, in Kensington in 1995. This venture marked the beginning of a successful culinary legacy, with two additional restaurants added to their repertoire. Her passion for business led her to graduate in 2007 from San Francisco State University with a major in management.

Amid the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, she found a unique way to support small business in her community. She approached them and offered to organize live Brazilian music events. This initiative aimed not only to entertain but also draw attention to local business providing them with a platform to thrive during challenging times. And that is how Rosana crossed paths with Arnon Oren. His visionary approach to the culinary world has been a constant source of inspiration for Rosana. When she learned about Arnon’s new project, she was instantly captivated by the creative direction and unique concepts he was bringing to the table. Eager to contribute her skills and share in the vision that Arnon had set forth, she is “on the floor” on any given weekend at Sailing Goat. Her commitment to promoting Brazilian Culture continues on Sundays with “Brazilian Happiness” where she brings the joy of music and dance to everyone present. 

Owner & Executive Chef

Arnon Oren

sailing goat owner Arnon Oren,executive chef, hat

Classically trained in Lyon, France, chef/owner Arnon Oren spent years honing his skills at Chez Panisse in Berkeley and at Oliveto Café and Restaurant in Oakland before venturing out to develop his own culinary businesses as a chef and restaurateur in catering and fine dining. He runs Anaviv’s Table in Richmond and sits on the Advisory Board for the Contra Costa College Culinary Academy. He is also the co founder of Plant to Plate Internship Program, empowering and mentoring kids in Richmond through organic gardening and culinary arts.

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